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Word Quiz 2.6.6

All the words below appear in science fiction
stories. How many do you know?

1. verbatim (adj.) - A: talkative. B: unusual. C: exceedingly
green. D: word for word.

2. chirrup (n.) - A: leather stirrup. B: cherry-flavored
cough syrup. C: chirp. D: warm breeze.

3. pince-nez (n.) - A: kind of candy. B: type of eyeglasses.
C: princely robe. D: crab's claws.

4. prosaic (adj.) - A: dull. B: prehistoric. C: legal in
nature. D: rhyming.

5. deduce (v.) - A: to trim. B: form into pairs. C: infer.
D: prepare for cooking.

6. forestall (v.) - A: to lie in front of. B: hinder.
C: warn. D: abandon.

7. sluice (n.) - A: passage for water. B: strawberry-lime
soft drink. C: very thin slice. D: comfort.

8. tremulous (adj.) - A: related to an earthquake. B: gigan-
tic. C: high-pitched. D: affected with trembling.

9. buttress (v.) - A: to link, as a bridge. B: strengthen.
C: sit up in bed. D: increase by half.

10. crystalline (adj.) - A: breakable. B: futuristic.
C: minuscule. D: sparkling.

11. subside (v.) - A: to sink or fall. B: exert control.
C: exist on very little. D: underestimate.

12. aberration (n.) - A: refusal to consider. B: unsound-
ness. C: unwavering concentration. D: constant nagging.

13. proficiency (n.) - A: offensive slang. B: motel room
with hot plate. C: unusual talent. D: advancement in skill.

14. cower (v.) - A: to intimidate. B: shrink away.
C: manipulate through flattery. D: call out to.

15. thrum (v.) - A: to make a monotonous sound.
B: pull
toward with one's thumb. C: drag. D: unload.

16. erratic (adj.) - A: by design. B: in sequence.
C: characterized by inconsistency. D: irrelevant.














Here are the answers:

1. verbatim - D: Word for word; being in or following the
exact words. Don't blame me - I'm repeating Dad's instruct-
ions to you verbatim.

2. chirrup - C: Chirp. The morning quiet was disturbed only
by the odd chirrup of a nearby robin.

3. pince-nez - B: Eyeglasses clipped to the nose by a spring.
The librarian peered at me over the lenses of his pince-nez
and said "That book is two years overdue."

4. prosaic - A: Dull, unimaginative; also, everyday,
ordinary. Unfortunately, I'll spend the weekend doing a
bunch of prosaic chores.

5. deduce - C: Infer from a general principle. When my son
said he hated cereal, I deduced that I needed to fix a
different breakfast.

6. forestall - B: Exclude or hinder; also, to obstruct;
beset. I planned to forestall his leaving by asking him to
shine my shoes.

7. sluice - A: Artificial passage for water fitted with a
valve or gate for repeating flow. Once the sluice opened,
we pretty much got soaked.

8. tremulous - D: Characterized by or affected with tremb-
ling or tremors, such as might be caused by nervousness or
shakiness. His tremulous smile told me he wasn't as relaxed
as he hoped to appear.

9. buttress - B: Strengthen; support. I think you should try
to buttress your opinion with a few small facts.

10. crystalline - D: Sparkling; strikingly clear; resembling
crystal. Gazing at the crystalline lake, I decided it was
too beautiful to swim in.

11. subside - A: Sink or fall to the bottom; settle; also,
to become quiet; diminish. Once my initial anger subsided, I
began laughing at all those pancakes stuck to the wall.

12. aberration - B: Unsoundness; that which departs signifi-
cantly from the standard. Sleeping with your pillow beneath
your feet would be considered something of an aberration.

13. proficiency - D: Quality or state of being advanced;
highly skilled. You show real proficiency in the art of
making the perfect pizza.

14. cower - B: Shrink away or crouch, especially from some-
thing that menaces or dismays. Horror movies always make me
cower in my seat.

15. thrum - A: To sound with a monotonous hum. Suddenly,
a loud vibration began to thrum the wall I was leaning against.

16. erratic - C: Characterized by lack of consistency,
regularity or order. His erratic behavior convinced me he
wouldn't be reliable in the job.

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