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Word Quiz 1.27.6

These words come from a recent memoir
"Kiss Me Like a Stranger." How many
you know?

1. patsy (n.) - A: desert flower. B: flat pile of meat.
C: sucker. D: microscopic garment.

2. valet (n.) - A: royal aide. B: new soldier. C: personal
assistant. D: clown.

3. angora (n.) - A: tight-fitting sweater. B: expensive
hanky. C: pink hue. D: animal hair used for wool.

4. deftly (adv.) - A: skillfully. B: silently. C: laboriously.
D: lazily.

5. analogy (n.) - A: cause of sneezing and watery eyes.
B: comparison. C: invitation. D: explanation.

6. audacity (n.) - A: keen sense of hearing. B: premonition.
C: boldness. D: despair.

7. depleted (adj.) - A: drained. B: filled. C: damaged.
D: impure.

8. gallantry (n.) - A: courteous act. B: foolish act.
C: unusual act. D: two-handled jug.

9. sullen (adj.) - A: gloomy. B: dirty. C: abandoned. D: hot.

10. malarkey (n.) - A: infectious disease. B: loud cough.
C: nonsense. D: insecticide.

11. ascension (n.) - A: claim. B: act of rising. C: act of
lowering down. D: insult.

12. palette (n.) - A: racket used for sports. B: pale hue.
C: wooden platform. D: painter's tool.

13. compulsion (n.) - A: distaste. B: irresistible impulse.
C: forced act. D: anxiety over a likely result.

14. endemic (adj.) - A: rapid. B: swollen. C: native to.
D: uncharacteristic of.

15. impregnable (adj.) - A: barren. B: easily persuaded.
C: skeptical. D: impenetrable.

16. guttural (adj.) - A: related to the shoreline. B: from
the throat. C: associated with the gutter. D: talkative.














Here are the answers:

(Please list your score in the "comments"

section just below - and where you're from)...

1. patsy - C: Sucker; one easily manipulated. As much as
love her, I refused to be her patsy when she told the cops
that I stole the muffins.

2. valet - C: One who performs personal chores for another.
Arriving at the hotel, he was stunned to see the valet
asleep on the luggage cart.

3. angora - D: Hair of rabbit or goat often used to make
fine wool. He won't forget the angora sweater she wore the
first time they kissed.

4. deftly - A: With skill or dexterity. Early in his acting
career, he moved deftly from stage to screen.

5. analogy - B: Comparison based on similarity. I don't
think comparing juggling knives to running a few errands is
a useful analogy.

6. audacity - C: Reckless boldness. It wasn't audacity that
made him think he could play Leo Bloom.

7. depleted - A: Emptied, drained. I laughed so hard at her
story of walking a hamster on a leash that my tear ducts are

8. gallantry - A: Act of marked courtesy. His refusal to
insult the hecklers was an impressive bit of gallantry.

9. sullen - A: Gloomy; surly. When I feel even slightly
sullen, I pop in my Blazing Saddles DVD and let the laughs

10. malarkey - C: Nonsense; insincere, foolish talk. I've
heard enough of your malarkey to last me both our lifetimes.

11. ascension - B: Act of rising upward. His ascension to
Hollywood's top ranks was in doubt when his first big film

12. palette - D: Oval-shaped board used by painters to mix
colors. I don't think you'll be needing that palette to
paint the outside of the house.

13. compulsion - B: Irresistible impulse to perform an
irrational act. As a young man, he developed a compulsion
for praying that he didn't understand.

14. endemic - C: Native to; belonging to; characteristic of.
A certain kind of wide-eyed wonder is endemic to his best
comedic performances.

15. impregnable - D: Unconquerable; impenetrable. I know
it's ridiculous, but when I was a kid I always imagined the
post office to be some kind of impregnable fortress.

16. guttural - B: Coming from the throat, as with sounds.
The guttural sound of Carol Channing's voice entranced him
when he saw her on Broadway.

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Blogger merl_md said...

I got all 16, a perfect score...it was easy :)

merl from the philippines

3:48 AM  

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