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All Wet Word Quiz

Match up the correct meanings:

1. atoll (n.) - A: coral reef encircling a lagoon. B: steep
cliff. C: sound of a ship's bell. D: fishing net.

2. tack (v.) - A: to harvest. B: alter direction. C: drift.
D: lose speed.

3. corolla (n.) - A: reddish coral. B: undersea cave.
C: tidal wave. D: flower petals.

4. littoral (adj.) - relating to A: a fish's diet.
B: breathing apparatus. C: ship cargo. D: the seashore.

5. gestate (v.) - A: to grow. B: carry during pregnancy.
C: approach. D: swim in formation.

6. estuary (n.) - A: where ocean meets river. B: deep-sea
predator. C: ocean bed. D: lighthouse.

7. floe (n.) - A: unit of tidal measure. B: type of whale.
C: floating ice sheet. D: air-tank mouthpiece.

8. pelagic (adj.) - relating to A: ancient sea creatures.
B: big waves. C: the open sea. D: seaweed.

9. scuttle (v.) - A: to float. B: sink. C: cut precisely.
D: dive.

10. frond (n.) - A: microscopic ocean plant. B: large tidal
pool. C: endangered shellfish. D: large leaf.

11. halyard (n.) - A: rope that raises sail. B: ship's
kitchen. C: anchor chain. D: veteran sailor.

12. mutate (v.) - A: to relocate. B: turn suddenly.
C: change. D: eat indiscriminately.

13. piscatory (adj.) - relating to A: plant life. B: fish or
fishing. C: scuba gear. D: beach sand.

14. regenerate (v.) - A: to add new traits. B: use twice.
C: produce anew. D: eat one's own young.

15. osmosis (n.) - A: prehistoric fish. B: how coral
reproduces. C: movement of water molecules. D: steady loss
of appetite.

16. kelp (n.) - A: tiniest shark. B: dolphin sound. C: knot
used by sailors. D: type of seaweed.














Here are the ANSWERS:

1. atoll - A: Coral island consisting of a reef surrounding
a lagoon. Who wouldn't love to chuck it all and escape to an
atoll in the Pacific?

2. tack - B: Alter direction when sailing. If you see clouds
on the horizon, it's time to tack toward shore - in a

3. corolla - D: Flower petals; inner whorl of floral leaves.
The corolla of each sea-grass flower was visible from the
surface through the crystal-clear water.

4. littoral - D: Relating to - or growing on or near - a
shore, especially of the sea. What kind of strategies can we
come up with to stop the further erosion of our littoral

5. gestate - B: Carry in the uterus during pregnancy. Whales
gestate for up to two years before giving birth.

6. estuary - A: A water passage where the tide meets a river
current. A Pacific salmon must pass through a coastal estuary
before making its way upriver to spawn.

7. floe - C: Floating ice formed in a large sheet on the
surface of a body of water. During harsh winters, the ice
floes drifting south on the Hudson River can be immense.

8. pelagic - C: Of, relating to, or living or occurring in
the open sea. The pelican is among the best-known pelagic

9. scuttle - B: Sink or wreck, especially by making holes.
They decided to scuttle the old ship to create an artifi-
cial reef.

10. frond - D: Large leaf, usually on a palm or fern. On
days when the heat gets unbearable, I like to fan myself
with a palm frond.

11. halyard - A: Rope used to hoist a sail. The captain
ordered me to pull hard on the halyard as we prepared to
leave the harbor for the open sea.

12. mutate - C: Change. Pollution can cause harmless plants
to mutate into toxic killers.

13. piscatory - B: Relating to fish or fishing. That seafood
chowder Frank whipped up last night was a piscatory delight.

14. regenerate - C: Produce anew. Some experts believe our
ocean fishing stocks are becoming too depleted to regenerate.

15. osmosis - C: Movement of water molecules, via a membrane,
from an area of low-salt concentration to one of high-salt
concentration. While it may sound like a harmless process,
osmosis can actually kill a freshwater fish placed in salt

16. kelp - D: Large brown seaweed found in cold waters. I'm
used to having kelp tangled around my legs when I'm swimming,
not having it served to me in a salad.


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