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Riddles For 10.4.5


1) I have two heads but only one body.
The more still I stand, the faster I run.

What am I?

2) What unusual property do the words FLOUR,
have in common?

3) You can have a lot of it

You can not have enough of it
You can waste it but you can never
get it back.

4) The below classified ads were spotted in
this week's
newspaper. They all share a
common feature.

What is that common feature, and who
is each ad's author?

A. Crimson cloaked young female seeks
protection services. Task include food
courier service. Outdoor experience a

plus. Inquire with grandmother.

B. For Sale: 20 mattresses. Like new,
used only once. Each shares common
irregularity, not discernible by most.
Make offer.

C. For Sale: Two adjacent lots. Located
near new brick housing. Land can be
cleared of debris upon request. Will

build to suit.

D. Debris removal services required.
Have large amounts of vegetation
that requires cut up and removal.
Please call for details. Gold or
specialty hybrid seeds available
for trade.

E. Lost: 1 Slipper, translucent in color.
Sentimental value. Last seen, yesterday
before midnight. Please leave message

with stepmother.







1) An hourglass

2) Remove one letter from each word, and they
all spell a
numeral. Four, ten and thirty.

3) Time

4) All the ads are all from fairy tale characters.

A. Grandmother (Little Red Riding Hood)
B. The Old Queen (Princess & the Pea)
C. The 3rd little pig (3 Little Pigs)
D. Jack's widowed mom (Jack and the Beanstalk)
E. Cinderella's stepmother (Cinderella)


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