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Puppy Love -
Word Quiz


See If You Know The Meaning:

1. frowsy (adj.) - A: frowning. B: sleepy. C: slovenly.
D: weak, insubstantial.

2. dappled (adj.) - A: extremely wrinkled. B: marked with
spots. C: musty, stale. D: rust-colored.

3. telepathy (n.) - A: silent communication. B: fungus spore.
C: distant view. D: holistic healer.

4. emulate (v.) - A: to mix. B: imitate. C: increase the
power of. D: abandon.

5. impending (adj.) - A: about to occur. B: delayed.
C: falling. D: attacking.

6. unmitigated (adj.) - A: unusual. B: unprecedented.
C: unexpected. D: unrelieved.

7. brambles (n.) - A: prickly shrubs. B: happy jaunts.
C: rambling talks. D: excuses.

8. emit (v.) - A: to give off. B: express. C: correct.
D: be sensitive to.

9. trepidation (n.) - A: surgical procedure. B: warning.
C: eagerness. D: apprehension.

10. onerous (adj.) - A: unique. B: harmonious. C: burdensome.
D: foul-smelling.

11. dissenter (n.) - A: holder of a shared opinion.
B: holder of a differing opinion. C: relative. D: carafe.

12. tchotchkes (n.) - A: dumplings. B: agitation. C: knick-
knacks. D: leftovers.

13. euphonious (adj.) - A: false. B: youthful. C: carefully
planned. D: pleasing to the ear.

14. pendulous (adj.) - A: boring. B: suspended as to swing
freely. C: awaiting approval. D: celebratory.

15. phlegmatic (adj.) - A: stolid in temperament. B: sick.
C: soft-spoken. D: stubborn.

16. periphery (n.) - A: area's midpoint. B: deep cave.
C: journey's start point. D: outer edge.





Here are the answers:

1. frowsy - C: Having a slovenly appearance. In my bathrobe
and slippers, I look a bit frowsy when I take the dog for a
walk in the morning.

2. dappled - B: Marked with small spots, patches. The 1996
release of 101 Dalmatians boosted sales of these dogs with
dappled coats.

3. telepathy - A: Communication via extrasensory means.
Maybe it's the power of telepathy that makes golden
retrievers good therapy dogs.

4. emulate - B: To strive to equal; imitate. It would be
great if Cinnamon could emulate those dogs who manage to
keep quiet when cars pass by.

5. impending - A: About to occur. I think Jo is looking
forward to her impending trip to the groomer.

6. unmitigated - D: Offering little chance of change or
relief. Leaving Mellow home alone with two fresh-baked pies
was an unmitigated disaster.

7. brambles - A: Rough, prickly shrubs or vines. Once we
realized he was missing, it didn't take us long to find Ben
caught in the brambles.

8. emit - A: To throw or give off; to give voice to. When
he's hungry for attention, Renzo can emit quite a whimper.

9. trepidation - D: Apprehension. Ernie the pit bull looks
fierce, but like many of his breed, is very sweet and needn't
be approached with trepidation.

10. onerous - C: Burdensome, troublesome. I might find it
onerous, but my Siberian husky, Wolfen, has no problem pull-
ing my 35-pound son on his sled.

11. dissenter - B: One who holds a different opinion. I was
the lone dissenter when it came time to pick a family pet;
everyone else wanted a dog.

12. tchotchkes - C: Knickknacks. When Toby was a puppy, we
kept all our tchotchkes away from him so he wouldn't chew
them into little pieces.

13. euphonious - D: Pleasing to the ear. To me, Dodger's
soft snoring in the middle of the night is a most euphonious

14. pendulous - B: Suspended so as to swing freely. Copper
the basset hound's pendulous ears almost touch the ground.

15. phlegmatic - A: Having or showing a slow and stolid
temperament. As a puppy, Nana ran all over the house;
older now, and more phlegmatic.

16. periphery - D: The external boundary or surface of an
area. Cosmo likes to linger near the periphery at the dog



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