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Riddles For 10.3.5


1) I walk, but have no legs. I sleep,
but never dream. You can rock me
in a cradle, but I am not a babe and
I can go around the world faster than
you can cross a room. What am I?

2) A different fruit is buried in each
of the following lines.

Can you spot them? (1/line)

Ah! If I get my good ship home
I'll find a tempting rural spot
Where mayhap pleasant flowers will bloom,
And there I'll shape a charming cot.

Where bees sip nectar in each flower,
And Philomel on hawkthorn rests
I'll shape a rustic, sun-kissed bower--
A bower meet for angel guests.

Then she who lives and loves with me,
Cheering our days of calm repose,
Sole monarch of the flowers will be--
For Myra is indeed a rose.

3) Mr. Smith left on a trip the day
after the day before yesterday, and
he will be back the eve of the day
after tomorrow. How many days is
he away?








1) A yo-yo
2) Fig, date, apple, peach,
nectarine, melon, pear, orange,
olive, gourd, lemon, raisin
3) Three days and two nights.
Using today as your starting point,
he would have left yesterday and
will return home tomorrow.


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