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Tsunami Theology

The magnitude of this disaster is multiplied
we realize that these very areas most
by the tsunamis are among the
most impoverished
and helpless regions of
the earth. On December 26,
families were
washed away, children were ripped
their parents' arms, and suffering beyond

description settled upon the earth. Why?

That question comes immediately to the
of any sensitive person, and any
whose mind is allowed to rest
for even a
moment upon the magnitude
of this disaster.
At the first level, the
scientific explanation
seems clear. A
massive earthquake, registering
9.0 on the Richter scale, occurred more
six miles beneath the surface of
the Pacific, just
off the Indonesian island
of Sumatra. In an instant,
one of the
most beautiful parts of the world became

one of the most deadly, as successive
of water radiated from the
epicenter of the quake
and headed for
some of the earth's most densely
coastal areas. The sliding of tectonic

plates beneath the surface of the ocean
led to
massive devastation and a tidal
wave of grief
and questions.

How do Christians explain this kind of
What do we have to say about
the meaning of
an event like this? In
short order, questions like
these found
their way to the front pages of the
papers and the front lines of our cultural

conversation. All too soon, confusion was
as various religious leaders offered
advice and counsel.



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