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Word Questions

"Improving With Age"

" A soft answer turns away wrath," says the book
of Proverbs. And this book of the Bible contains
many words of wisdom every bit as pertinent today
as when they were first set down nearly three thousand
years ago. How many of these words do you know?

1. diligent (adj.) - A: honest. B: hard-working. C: humor-
less. D: watchful.

2. prudence (n.) - A: cautious judgment. B: fussiness.
C: morality. D: traditional practice.

3. devious (adj.) - A: thoughtless. B: laid-back. C: compli-
cated. D: deceitful.

4. garland (n.) - A: spice. B: wreath. C: ringlet. D: flower

5. cistern (n.) - A: stream. B: culvert. C: tank. D: tube.

6. sluggard (n.) - person who is A: foolish. B: pugnacious.
C: awkward. D: lazy.

7. vexation (n.) - A: annoyance. B: slyness. C: unfriend-
liness. D: fright.

8. lattice (n.) - A: enclosure. B: covering. C: head
decoration. D: shutter.

9. vapor (n.) - A: breeze. B: ointment. C: mist. D: whimsy.

10. countenance (n.) - A: reliability. B: facial expression.
C: antagonism. D: behavior.

11. repute (n.) - A: reputation. B: gossip. C: denial.
D: illicit business.

12. provocation (n.) - A: solemn statement. B: something
that incites. C: gloomy prediction. D: inclination.

13. abhor (v.) - A: to detest. B: refuse to acknowledge.
C: treat shamefully. D: put an end to.

14. meddle (v.) - A: to force. B: interfere. C: confuse.
D: mix.

15. importune (v.) - A: to insult. B: convince. C: criti-
cize. D: beg.

16. crucible (n.) - A: cross. B: piece of jewelry. C: heat-
resistant container. D: buttress.

17. reproof (n.) - A: addition confirmation. B: expression
of disapproval. C: silence. D: violent agitation.

18. envoy (n.) - A: messenger. B: escort. C: royal attendant.
D: introduction.

19. surety (n.) - A: equilibrium. B: faithfulness.
C: determination. D: guarantee.

20. exalt (v.) - A: to sing. B: boast. C: glorify. D: leap.
(Answers below)


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