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Word Quiz

See how many definitions you know:

1. sheer (adj.) - A: trim. B: strong. C: absolute.
D: pointed.

2. pivotal (adj.) - A: crucial. B: flexible. C: reciprocal.
D: ambiguous.

3. meticulous (adj.) - A: very small. B: tasty. C: inter-
fering. D: careful.

4. sanctum (n.) - A: approval. B: public square. C: private
place. D: blessing.

5. pinnacle (n.) - A: dangerous position. B: achievable
goal. C: highest point. D: support.

6. skewer (v.) - A: to spread out. B: pierce. C: misrepre-
sent. D: twist.

7. whimsy (n.) - A: quaint humor. B: impulse. C: witticism.
D: moodiness.

8. precedent (n.) - A: diagram. B: step forward. C: example.
D: regulation.

9. overarching (adj.) - A: extremely clever. B: all-
encompassing. C: theoretical. D: extraneous.

10. serendipity (n.) - A: nonchalance. B: opportunity.
C: praise. D: good luck.

11. equably (adv.) - A: fairly and justly. B: approximately.
C: understandably. D: calmly.

12. tenuously (adv.) - A: cautiously. B: temporarily.
C: insubstantially. D: indecisively.

13. incremental (adj.) - A: tending to blame. B: regularly
increasing. C: temporary. D: powerful.

14. ramification (n.) - A: problem. B: combination.
C: consequence. D: reinforcement.

15. promulgate (v.) - A: to start a rumor. B: force upon
others. C: punish. D: announce.

16. confluence (n.) - A: flowing together. B: entanglement.
C: clout. D: significance.

17. stereotyped (adj.) - A: seen in three dimensions.
B: picturesque. C: without originality. D: transcribed.

18. innovative (adj.) - A: daring. B: unusual. C: up-to-date.
D: new.

19. preamble (n.) - A: summing up. B: introductory statement.
C: leisurely stroll. D: painstaking analysis.

20. pragmatic (adj.) - A: practical. B: temporary.
C: stubborn. D: rigid.














Here are the answers:

1. sheer - C: Absolute; downright; utter; as, "her sheer
physical fortitude." Also, exceedingly thin. Middle English
schere (free; clear).

2. pivotal - A: Crucial; vital; on which something turns or
depends; as, "Hers was the pivotal vote." Old French pivot
(pin; hinge).

3. meticulous - D: Extremely careful about details; precise.
Latin meticulosus (fearful).

4. sanctum - C: Place that is especially private and reser-
ved; sacred space; as, "She is the first woman to crack the
innermost sanctum of male power." Latin sanctus (holy).

5. pinnacle - C: Highest point; summit, especially of
success. Also, mountain peak; small turret. Latin pinna

6. skewer - B: To pierce; transfix; as, She skewers an
attorney who is evasive or unprepared. Perhaps from Old
Norse skifa (to slice).

7. whimsy - A: Quaint or fanciful humor; playful expression;
as, "Not known for a light touch, she is capable of whimsy."
Perhaps from Old English whim-wham (fanciful object).

8. precedent - C: Example; legal decision that becomes a
model; as, "careful study of precedent." Latin praecedere
(to go before).

9. overarching - B: All-encompassing; having a broad scope;
dominating; as, "a Justice who looks to resolve each case
with no overarching philosophy."

10. serendipity - D: The good luck of making fortunate
discoveries by accident; as, Her sound decisions come not
from serendipity but from hard work. Coined by Horace
Walpole from a Persian fairy tale, "The Three Princes of

11. equably - D: Calmly; having an even temper or the
characteristic of regularity. Latin aequare (to make equal).

12. tenuously - C: Insubstantially; delicately; flimsily; as,
a court tenuously balanced between liberal and conservative.
Latin tenuis (thin).

13. incremental - B: Regularly increasing; becoming larger
periodically. Latin increscere (to grow on).

14. ramification - C: Consequence, outgrowth or result of a
particular action; as, Her decision in this case will have
important ramifications. Latin ramificare (to branch out).

15. promulgate - D: To announce officially or proclaim
publicly; as, to promulgate policies to safeguard a right.
Latin promulgare.

16. confluence - A: A flowing together, especially of
streams. Metaphorically, a coming together of people, ideas,
events; as, a confluence of history, politics and luck.
Latin com (with) and fluere (to flow).

17. stereotyped - C: Without originality; trite; conven-
tional; as, the stereotyped view that only women can be
nurses. Greek stereos (solid) and typos (impression).

18. innovative - D: Presenting a new way or process; inven-
tive; as, "There has been little innovative thinking among
courts." Latin innovare (to renew).

19. preamble - B: Introductory or preliminary statement; as,
The preamble to the U.S. Constitution begins "We the people."
Latin prae (before) and ambulare (to walk).

20. pragmatic - A: Practical; approaching situations from a
realistic point of view. Greek pragma (deed).


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