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Word Quiz 2.23.6

1. swashbuckling (adj.) - A: daring. B: idealistic.
C: drably dressed. D: romantic.

2. competent (adj.) - A: agreeable. B: inept. C: vigorous.
D: competent.

3. spritz (n.) - A: boat's sail. B: bubble. C: squirt.
D: overhanging rock.

4. omnibus (adj.) - A: threatening. B: all-embracing.
C: round and full. D: slow-moving.

5. ingenuity (n.) - A: innocence. B: cleverness. C: appeal.
D: deceitfulness.

6. canon (n.) - A: barrier. B: noisy gathering. C: guiding
principle. D: bishop.

7. parlance (n.) - A: gossip. B: small family room.
C: witticism. D: manner of speaking.

8. muster (v.) - A: to assemble. B: relieve. C: challenge.
D: spread around.

9. personable (adj.) - A: intimate. B: cheerful. C: attract-
ive. D: superficial.

10. concave (adj.) - A: curving outward. B: oval-shaped.
C: collapsing. D: curving inward.

11. infatuation (n.) - A: sense of security. B: aversion.
C: temporary passion. D: feeling of superiority.

12. forfeit (v.) - A: to exchange. B: give up something.
C: shield from harm. D: pull back.

13. query (v.) - A: to question. B: look over thoroughly.
C: follow through. D: act peculiarly.

14. intergalactic (adj.) - A: extremely fast. B: subatomic.
C: radioactive. D: between star systems.

15. steadfast (adj.) - A: slow but sure. B: strong.
C: friendly. D: unwavering.

16. permutation (n.) - A: alteration. B: permission.
C: stable combination. D: seepage.

17. rookery (n.) - A: gambling spot. B: children's play-
ground. C: animal breeding place. D: camping area.

18. ransack (v.) - A: to run wild. B: destroy completely.
C: do things haphazardly. D: search thoroughly.

19. infamous (adj.) - A: somewhat annoying. B: unknown.
C: simple and unassuming. D: having a bad reputation.

20. inkling (n.) - A: blemish. B: small object. C: slight
indication. D: assumption.














Here are the answers:

1. swashbuckling - A: Recklessly daring; daredevilish;
swaggering; as, an old Errol Flynn swashbuckling film about
pirates. English swash (splashing water) and buckler (shield).

2. competent - D: Capable; well-qualified; as, A competent
mechanic is a blessing. Latin competere (to be suitable).

3. spritz - C: Squirt or spray; as, A quick spritz of this
or that will not eliminate termites. German spritzen (to

4. omnibus - B: All-embracing; covering many items; as, An
omnibus bill in Congress includes a number of unrelated
items. Latin (for all).

5. ingenuity - B: Cleverness; inventive skill; resourceful-
ness; as, the cat's ingenuity in opening the refrigerator
door. Latin ingeniosus (gifted with genius).

6. canon - C: Guiding principle used as a standard; as,
canons of good taste. Also, sacred writings of the Bible.
Greek kanon (measuring rod).

7. parlance - D: Manner or style of speaking or writing; as,
legal parlance; my grandmother's quaint parlance. Old French
parler (to speak).

8. muster - A: To assemble or bring together; summon up; as,
to muster troops for inspection; muster courage. Latin
monstrare (to show).

9. personable - C: Attractive; having a pleasing manner; as,
a personable salesclerk. Latin persona (person, character).

10. concave - D: Curving inward; as, the interesting concave
shape of an antique bottle. Latin concavus (hollow).

11. infatuation - C: Temporary, unreasoning and shallow
passion; as, a teenager's infatuation with a rock star. Latin
infatuare (to make foolish).

12. forfeit - B: To be forced to give up something; to be
penalized for wrongdoing. Middle English forfet (crime).

13. query - A: To question; express doubts as to correctness;
as, to query a company's claim about the benefits of a
product. Latin quaerere (to ask).

14. intergalactic - D: Occurring or existing between
galaxies; as, intergalactic travel in science fiction. Latin
inter- (between) and English galactic, from Greek galaktikos
(milky; derivation for Milky Way).

15. steadfast - D: Unwavering; as, a steadfast gaze. Also
loyal and constant; as, a steadfast friend. Old English

16. permutation - A: Alteration or change; complete
rearrangement; as, political permutations in Eastern Europe.
Latin per- (through) and mutare (to change).

17. rookery - C: Breeding place of birds, seals or other
animals; as, a rookery teeming with penguins. English rook
(black European crow).

18. ransack - D: To search thoroughly and vigorously; as,
to ransack a room for a document; also, to plunder. Old
Norse rann (house) and -saka (to search).

19. infamous - D: Having a bad reputation; notorious; as,
No nation can trust that infamous dictator. Latin in (not)
and fama (fame).

20. inkling - C: Slight indication; hint; intimation; as,
She had no inkling of his true intentions. Middle English
inclen (to hint).


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