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Weekend Riddles


1) I am as bright as the sunshine on a warm day,
I can go a long way.
I am seen on the young and the old that God made,
but I can fade.
I have only five letters in my name,
and I am painted on both the strong and the lame.
I can be as white as pearls,
or as yellow as blond curls.
I can never grow old,
or never be sold,
or turn to mold,
but I am more precious than gold.
What am I?

2) What has rivers but no water, cities
but no buildings, forests but no trees,
deserts but no sand, and mountains but
no rocks?

3) There are three houses built exactly the same. One
is filled with cotton, the other with wood, and the third
with iron. One day an arsonist sets them all on fire.
Sirens were loudly coming to the scene. People were
screaming. Which house did the ambulance try to put
the fire out at first?

4) What object does this represent?

5) A man is looking at a picture and says:
'Sisters and brothers have I none,
But that man's father was my father's son.'
Who is in the picture?

6) What does each word in each group have in common?

Group A
A baby
A cow
A shoe

Group B
A duck
A restaurant goer

Group C
A river
A cave
A face

7) My first is in 'eye' but I can't see.
Once, a Beatle believed in me.
My second is in 'here' but I've just gone.
Every 24 hours I'm moving on.
What am I?















1) A smile
2) A map, globe or atlas
3) Ambulances do not put out fires.
4) Water - H 2 O (H to O)
5) The man's son
6) Group A- a tongue
Group B- a bill
Group C- a mouth
7) Yesterday

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Riddles from: The Daily Tease


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