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Matching the iPod and Windows

Matching the iPod and Windows

Although Apple's iPod and iPod mini has a huge fan base, using it is
not an entirely glitch-free Windows experience. Older versions of
Windows are incompatible and there are some peculiar default settings
that could wipe out your music collection. But for every problem, there
is a work-around.

Here are four tips and tricks for using your iPod.

1. Have the right Windows version. iTunes, the program that transfers
music to the iPod from your computer, only runs on Windows XP and 2000.

But Windows 98SE and ME owners can still use their iPod through third-
party software. XPlay (http://www.mediafour.com; $30) and Anapod
Explorer (http://www.redchairsoftware.com; $25) are two better-known
programs that transfer music files onto iPods.

XPlay requires a FireWire port, which is often missing on Windows
computers. So, you'll have to buy and install one. FireWire cards start
at $20. Anapod Explorer can transfer music to your iPod using either a
USB or FireWire port.

You're out of luck if your Windows is older than Windows 98SE.

2. Get the music. Your music files must be on your computer before they
can be transferred to your iPod. And the files must be in the proper
format. The iPod plays many different formats, including AAC (Advanced
Audio Coding), MP3 and WAV.

Unless you are using Windows 98SE or ME, forget third-party software
and stick with iTunes to get your music files into the proper format.
iTunes lets you change the format and amount of compression it uses
when importing music. To do this within iTunes, click Edit>>Preferences
and select the Importing tab.

To get music from a CD onto your hard drive, insert the CD in your
computer. iTunes will look up the CD title and song information through
an online database and display it. Remove the check next to any song
you don't want and click the Import button.

If online information is not available, enter the information manually.
Click the track. Then select File>>Get Info and click on the Info tab.
Enter the title, artist and other information. Clear the boxes for
tracks you do not want.

You also can purchase music through the iTunes Music Store. Click on
Music Store under Source. Singles cost 99 cents. Often you can save a
few bucks by purchasing an entire album. The iTunes Music Store, like
the iTunes jukebox, requires Windows XP and 2000.

3. Organize it. Depending on the size of your iPod's hard drive and the
amount of compression, you could end up with thousands of songs.

So, create playlists. Use them to organize songs by theme, genre or any
other category.

To create a playlist, select File>>New Playlist. Type a name for the
playlist under Source. Click Library to view your song files. Drag any
song onto the playlist. Select multiple songs by holding the Control or
Shift key while clicking.

4. Transfer it. With iTunes open, connect your iPod to your computer.
iTunes will automatically transfer songs and playlists to your iPod.

But be careful. Anything on the iPod, but not in iTunes, will be
erased. To avoid that, set iTunes to only transfer certain songs.
Or, you can manually drag and drop music files onto your iPod.

To change the settings, open iTunes and select Edit>>Preferences. Click
the iPod tab. Click the Music tab and make sure "Automatically update
all songs and playlists" is selected. Then click the Advanced tab and
select the "Only update checked songs" checkbox.

To manually transfer songs, choose Edit>>Preferences and click the iPod
tab. Click the Music tab and select "Manually manage songs and
playlists." Then drag songs from your library or playlist to iPod
in the Source list.



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