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Riddles For 9.6.5


1) I sizzle like bacon,
I am made with an egg.
I have plenty of backbone,
But I lack a good leg.
I peel layers like onions,
But I still remain whole.
I am as long as a flagpole.
Yet I fit in a hole.

What am I?

2) I rule over everything
I lay mountains low
I dethrone all kings
and kingdoms overthrow
I am measured
yet have no substance
I exist but can't be touched
I am everywhere yet I am nothing
you live by my standard day by day
can you find me? Well, it's simple--
most everyone carries me to work everyday

3) You are going to mail a letter, but the only information
you have is listed below. What would his address be?


4) What has roots that nobody sees, and is taller than trees.
Up, up it goes, and yet it never grows.
What is it?

5) These ten fictitious names are all rearrangements of the
names of famous people. For example, if Sheila O'Norton
was in the list, you would discover that this was really
Horatio Nelson is disguise. Can you discover who everyone
really is?

a) Jamie Braser f) Jon Hasket
b) Frank Cardise g) Fred Hyron
c) Fred Colatis h) Mark Larx
d) Alfie Dondee i) Helmut Tarrin
e) Fidel Haltor j) June Seatan
6)I sit and face you and you stare right back.
You say nothing to me for I do not understand,
but you understand all of what I say if you want to.
I never move but I can make you feel any number of
different emotions but mostly none at all,
then you leave without saying goodbye.

What am I?

7) A man gets out of jail and goes to a nearby hotel where he leaves
a considerable sum of money. He then moves his car to another
hotel where he leaves a lesser sum of money. What is he doing???

8) I can bring a smile to your face,
a tear to your eye,
or even a thought to your mind;
but I can't be seen...

9) What type of room has neither window, door, ceiling, nor floor?



1) A snake
2) Time (Created by God who is outside of it)
3) It was delivered to:
John Underwood
Andover, Mass.

4) A Mountain
5) a) James Barrie
b) Francis Drake
c) Fidel Castro
d) Daniel Defoe
e) Adolf Hitler
f) John Keats
g) Henry Ford
h) Karl Marx
i) Martin Luther
j) Jane Austen
6) A T.V. Set
7) He is playing Monopoly.
8) A memory
9) A mushROOM


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