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Human rights groups around the world cried foul today
amid reports that the movie version of "The Dukes of
Hazzard" is being used by interrogators at the U.S.
detention center in Guantanamo, Cuba.

According to reports, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
arranged for a private screening of the film at the Pentagon
in mid-July and determined that it could be a powerful tool
for extracting information from enemy combatants.

Over the weekend, when "Dukes" appeared on over three
thousand screens nationwide, it also appeared in at least
twelve interrogation rooms at Guantanamo, playing on a
nonstop loop.

"We have never seen anything like it," said one Guantanamo
interrogator, speaking on condition of anonymity. "About ten
minutes into the film, the prisoners are already willing to talk."

But even as interrogators praised "Dukes" as a welcome addition
to their tactical arsenal, human rights groups such as Amnesty
International blasted the U.S. for using the film, arguing that the
practice could be in violation of the Geneva Conventions against

"We see the use of 'The Dukes of Hazzard' as part of a larger
pattern of abuse," said Amnesty International spokesperson
Jean-Claude Guinod, noting that the U.S. had used the film
"Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed" at Gunatanamo in 2004.

At the Pentagon, Secretary Rumsfeld categorically defended
the use of the "Dukes" film, telling reporters, "Don't think for
a moment that if the enemy had 'The Dukes of Hazzard' they
wouldn't use it on us."

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