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Letter From State

Hello howdy,
I have suscribed to your "thought
and humor" e-gazette for probably
close to 2 years now. I am an NCSU
student and faithful anti-Tarheel
:-D I was born and bred a duke fan,
go to school as a member of the pack,
can't get much more anti-Carolina
than that! I have enjoyed reading
your articals for they have alwayss
brought a smile to my face. Including
your April Fool's joke about discon-
tinuing your weekly e-mails. This past
weeks e-mail was particularly enjoyable
for me because of one of the pictures
that was in the letter. That is a picture
of Concord United Methodist Church
in McDowell County, North Carolina
where I spent the first 18 years of my
life learning about the God that you
and I both love. By the way, I'm an
Aerospace Engineering and High
School Mathematical Education
student. I hope to use the two
degrees to make high school edu
more real to life. Anyway I just
thought it was so cool to see
something from my home
(approx 240 miles west of
here) in your e-mails. I hope
to enjoy future reading.

Michael Andrews


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