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Earth Day Worldview

1) Environmental Wacko View: According to
some, the deaths of 5.8 billion people are needed to keep Earth
from turning into a "fat, human biomass."

Candidate for the job: the Ebola virus - War, famine & AIDS
are too slow and too survivable, Ebola combines the speed and
lethality necessary to do the job. According to the radical
mentalist worldview, human beings are a kind invasive
like the kudzu vine.

2) Fortunately for both people and the environment, there's
an alternative:

It's the Christian idea of man as a steward. And in this view,
man has a
unique status within creation, but that status carries

Unlike an invasive species like kudzu or zebra mussels,
man is aware when
his actions needlessly harm another
species or a particular habitat. And
because he is created
in the image of God, he is motivated to protect the
and to restore the damage he might have done.

This moral duty to seek the welfare of all creation is
a far superior basis
for environmental awareness than
the misanthropy of people like Pianka. Keep
this in mind
on this "Earth Day": Which worldview would you rather



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God loves you so much that He died for you!!!

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