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Preaching Hate

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A recent criminal case in Virginia threw some
light on a worrisome aspect of Muslim life in
America. Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, a U.S. citizen,
was charged with working with al-Qaeda in an
attempt to assassinate President Bush. Abu Ali's

family and friends have protested that the
accused is a model young man and

valedictorian of his high-school class.

But it turns out that Abu Ali's high-school
career at a private Islamic school might not
be the wisest thing for his family to mention.
According to the Associated Press, "The private
school's teachings have come under scrutiny since

the September 11 attacks. Federal court documents
in a case against another academy graduate
suspected of terrorism indicate that student
discussions following September 11 took an
anti-American bent and that some students

considered the attacks legitimate 'payback'
for American mistreatment of the Muslim world."

Unfortunately, such indoctrination is far from rare
in the United States.

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