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If He Is

An essay from G.K. Chesterton begins, "In all
the current controversies
people begin at the
wrong end as readily as at the right end; never

stopping to consider which is really the end."
In a world impressed with
its ability to create
and own high-tech carts, putting the cart before
horse is beginning to seem natural. Even
thoughtful people seem to have
forgotten how
to think. Chesterton continues, "One very
common form of
the blunder is to make modern
conditions an absolute end and then try to

fit human necessities to that end, as if they
were only a means. Thus
people say, 'Home
life is not suited to the business life of today.'
is as if they said, 'Heads are not suited
to the sort of hats now in
fashion.'" Cutting
off heads to meet the shrinkage of hats is hardly

fixing what we might call the "Hat Problem."

This reverse of end and means is not entirely
a modern problem, though the trend does
seem to be increasing. As C.S. Lewis once
observed, logic seems no longer to be valued
as a subject in our schools. This is startling
you consider how much we seem to
value the constant surge of information.



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