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Divine Delays

You pay a lot more attention to a story on the news
when it may involve someone you love. It was that
way the night we saw a story about a major rock -
that closed a stretch of Interstate 70 in

Our son and daughter-in-law and little granddaughter
were driving that very day through that part of Colorado.
The rockslide had shattered pavement and embedded
boulders as deep as six feet into the highway and created
craters in the road. Some of the boulders were said to
be as big as a van. Obviously, it was going to take some
time to get that stretch of the highway open again, which
meant a 200-mile plus detour around the closure. That
was okay with our family. In fact, my son said they saw
some spectacular scenery they would have never seen
any other way. Not long before the rockslide, a semi
had jack-knifed just west of that area and the interstate
was closed because of it. I've been in those miles-long
traffic jams, and you can really get frustrated, aggravated,
and ugly. But because of that frustrating delay, there was
no traffic on the road when that avalanche of rocks came
crashing down. You've got to figure that that may very
well have saved lives.

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