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1)P.S. Do you see anything unusual about the
picture of me on the boat???

*uhm...just a "small" shark tryin to eat the whole
boat :) and i see the moon reflection in daylight
time !!!!

2)P.P.S. Is it o.k. to have this joke in 'T & H'
or is it toooo controversial for today's "P.C."

*of course its ok for me as i am a man...but u
should listen to women's ideas about it :)

Please Rate Which Is BETTER:

from best to worst for me

1) Much More (icon story)
2) Great Humor
3) Thought
4) Riddles
5) Trivia
6) Letters
7) Word Puzzles

Hope this will be useful 4 me my friend


Howdy, Howdy!

Man, I've been a fan of Thoughts & Humor for as long
as I've had a computer. Admitidly (?), that hasn't been
but a year or so, BUT, be that as it may, I enjoy all of it.
However, I like the "OLD" version where I just open it
up and start enjoying. This "new" blog is just not the same.
I can't get in to it half the time and it just takes all the fun
out of Thoughts & humor for me. I used to spend hours
looking at articles and memorizing the great jokes. Is
there any going back or at least help for me as to under-
standing and navigating this "new version?"

Sincerely yours,
Mr. Edd


Hey Mr Edd,
The old edition (made up of portions of the blog) are sent
out on most Fridays by request to any who ask...

Your Devoted Friend,


I'm still down, except for the e-mail..... please send me the
newsletter in that format. Please, please, please: the word
puzzles & ANSWERS?

I use them with my students, but I don't have time to look
up all the answers.

(keep up the good work!)


I didn’t think Elvis and Big Foot was funny. Neither did my
18 year son, but my twelve year old son liked it. Now you
know target age for that humor.The 12 year old and I both
liked kitty, kitty, kitty, best. The 18 year old also liked it.The
18 year old liked poker face best. I thought it was funny,
too, but not real funny. The 12 year old didn’t get it.

Dave B.


1) As for the picture...well, it seems the ocean has a moon in it...
I can't see the guy too well.
2) As for the "husband store"...it seems to be critical of women,
but does this in jest.(By the way, whoever came up with this idea
that women are impossible to please? I think it's the other way
around, at least in my experience, men have never been pleased
with me, or with what I am, or do...)
3) Which is better? Definitely, Humor! but also Thought and
some poems that talk of love.
4) Sorry, my roomate thinks I'm crazy for consorting with a
religious/right person who won't tell me his name. I frankly must
be crazy because I'm not conservative politically.
5) Questions that really need answers: like who you are - these will
never be answered, I'm reconciled to that.


Howdy, Howdy,

I like the one where the kitty is saying,"you don't have to
say kitty 3 times, I'm not deaf." the one with the husband thing,
it didn't bother me any, I know it's all in fun. If it bothers some,
it might mean they are bothered because they are guilty in that
area. We all have faults, and if we strive to better that area,
than we can feel better about ourselves and our life. I think it's
fine. But than again I'm talking from a womans viewpoint.


Hello Howdy,

I am sorry but I can't make up my mind on which ones are
better they are all great.

Margot ;-)


The first one is interesting, but not too funny. The second
one however, is quite funny, clever, and keeps in line with
the general tastefulness of your periodical. Keep up the
good work that you are doing. It is unique, interesting,
thought provoking (in the very best and most important
way [ i.e. in regards to eternity]) and you do it quite well.

Blessings to you,
Michael C.
Los Angeles

Dearest Howdy,

I think the Husband Mart joke is awesome! I think it makes
a great point, even if it's done with a dose of humor. And
since when have you ever been concerned about being "PC?"
That will be the day I unsubscribe.The cat cartoon is really cute,
as is the Elvis/Sasquatch one. Either is good, but I'm partial to
cats and it's incredibly funny to me because my cat will not
respond to "Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty..." He does do what
I tell him (so I'm not totally sure he's actually a cat) but he'll
only come if I say, "Simon, come here." I can "kitty, kitty, kitty"
until I drop and he'll completely ignore me! I think maybe it is
insulting?? :0)Oh my goodness! I looked at a couple of those
testimonials on Everystudent.com and WOW! That is absolutely
amazing. My heart quickened and my eyes were tearing up
immediately. What a realistic, applicable witness for students
or young people who are without the gospel or who are just
questioning what they believe. I'm out of college, but I am
just 25 and I know lots of people whose hearts those stories
would reach.Thanks for the good stuff. Keep it up.

Catherine N.
Charlotte, NC


I wanted to thank you for this bit in your latest newsletter.
I have grown more fearful of flying during the last 10 years
or so...extremely fearful - to the extent that I was planning
on seeing my doctor before flying this April so that she could
prescribe a drug to calm me down. I was all for purchasing
our timeshare so that I would be forced to fly each year.

Your inclusion of this paragraph has helped me and I will use
it as my "mantra"."I don’t presume to understand God or why
He chooses as He does. But if we didn’t trust in the sovereign
power of a good and kindGod, we just might become paralyzed
with fear, not wishing to step into the street, or drive to the store,
or fly on a plane, or evenlet our children outside to play. But God
alone is the One who gives life or takes it,and we can trust Him to
protect us until Hecalls us home. And we need to live so weare
ready for that possibility every day."

Lisa - Faculty
University of Wyoming

Dear Howdy,

I really used to look forward to thoughts & humor. Now, I have
to go through so much "stuff" that I barely recognize it any more.
And, being somewhat computer illiterate, I have no idea what a
"blog" is or why it is even needed when your "old" format was
much more user friendly. Plus, most of what I see when I open
my mail is just a bunch of symbols that look like comic strip
cussing. What's the deal? If I didn't enjoy everything so much,
I wouldn't even bother to try. Help!!!

m redd


Hey Howdy,

Thanks for the opportunity!
I was looking for an excuse not to work today.
Your email arrived just in time.

Here are my thoughts...

The shark pic funny, but scary!

All the cartoons are great...I would use them all!
out of film very funny
deaf cat very funny
poker face very funny

The Jesus film may be too big to load for some people
but no biggie it still was awesome.

The everystudent website very good for the college crowd.
once again not everyone has high speed internet?

Find the wolves was good.

The word puzzle always informative. I am a big nerd so I like them.

Dear John letter good.

The trivia is always one of my most favorite parts to your email!

The icon story cute? But not really my cup of tea.

Hope this helps,


Original Letter From Howdy:

Dear Reader,
You have been selected to tell me
if you think each of the cartoons
and jokes below are funny to you
& your friends. If you have
opportunity,read them outloud
to friends & see which brings
the best reaction...
Please Advise,
P.S. Do you see anything unusual
about the picture of me on the boat???
http://xrl.us/eqy3 (scroll down)

P.P.S. Is it o.k. to have this joke in '
T & H' or is it toooo controversial
for today's "P.C." society???

Please Rate Which Is BETTER:

3) Riddles http://xrl.us/eqyt
4) Word Puzzles http://xrl.us/eqzd
7) Much More http://xrl.us/eqy7 (Icon War)

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