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Darwin's Black Box

Honest observers quickly realize that the
debate here over life's origins is not one
of science versus religion, but of
versus science. Take the work of biochemist
Michael Behe, a professor at
University. Initially, Behe accepted
Darwinist teachings. But then he
reading articles questioning evolutionary
theories. He found the arguments
So he began to do research of his own.

In his book published ten years ago,
DARWIN'S BLACK BOX, he introduced
a concept
he calls "irreducible complexity."
He argues that complex structures like

proteins cannot be assembled piecemeal,
with gradual improvement of function.

Instead, like a mousetrap, all the parts --
catch, spring, hammer, and so
forth --
must be assembled simultaneously,
or the protein doesn't work.

Soon after the book was published,
its thesis was challenged by the leading

expert in America on cell structure,
Dr. Russell Doolittle at the University of

California. He cited a scientific study
supposedly disproving irreducible

complexity. Behe immediately researched
it and found it proved just the
It confirmed him. So Behe went back to
Dolittle. In a phone
conversation, Doolittle
admitted he was wrong, but he has never
made a public

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